Easy Mosaic trial Edition

Easy Mosaic trial Edition 8.33

Easy Mosaic helps you to create high quality photo mosaics easily

Easy Mosaic creates original and beautiful mosaics with your own pictures... many small pictures merged to create a large one. This utility will allows you to generate fantastic mosaics (images based on small graphics) in the simplest way you can imagine.

The program is very easy to use and has a wide variety of options, and also contains more than a hundred sample photos with which you can begin to test all its features.

You only have to choose the picture you want to transform into a mosaic, and customize the configuration of the same with aspects such as number of rooms (cells) that it will form, size and shape, modify some color options and make the rotation or mosaic an image using only the same picture, for example.

To create your mosaic:
1 - Open Easy Mosaic, select Project /new mosaic and click on the Yes button. Then select the mode you wish to use (beginner, advanced or tile)

2 - Look for the background image to create the mosaic, and select the photograph background. Then search and select the images you want to use to make your photo mosaic background

3 - Configure and create the mosaic, you can select different sizes for your mosaic, borders and so on. Then, click on Create Mosaic in the Output tab to create the mosaic.

Finally the program creates the mosaic, quickly and efficiently. In the screenshot named IMAGE, the result of the mosaic created is shown

The result is generated in just a few seconds and with a little practice selecting images, it can be truly spectacular. The program supports the use of graphics files of the most common formats and generates the final mosaic in 24-bit BMP format.

The Trial version works for 20 days and has blocked some options

Sergio A. Durán
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Review summary


  • Simplify photographers compose working
  • Well done output image


  • Change colors in the image files used as cells
  • The price. There are free competitors
  • No drag-&-drop support to load images
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